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28th of January 2021, virtual

Making the leap in imaging performance: From fundamental MR research to applied neuroscience

It has been months that we have not met in person due to COVID-19. The workshops and conferences – where our paths used to cross naturally – have all disappeared into the cloud, figuratively and literally.

Thankfully, also in this new world, most of us continued to work and generated exciting and impactful results that needed sharing with colleagues and fellow Skope users. This meeting was planned to be more compact than usual to connect and share your work with each other.

It was amazing to see how the Skope community has grown!

Welcome & Skope updates  Skope
Short Hello’s & Highlights: The Skope Community introduce themselves Skope Users
Featured Scientific Presentation(s)
Toward high-resolution b-tensor diffusion imaging using spiral readout Sajjad Feizollah
Gradient field monitoring for spiral diffusion imaging at 800 µm resolution using a scanner with 300 mT/m gradients Luke Edwards, Dr.
Optimized & reproducible setup for concurrent 7T field monitoring with local eddy current correction
Sascha Brunheim
User Lab Tour, Setup, and Experimental Results
NeuroSpin tour and MR thermometry with field monitoring Nicolas Boulant, PhD, CEA
Retrieving more from your data: joint algebraic reconstructions Franz Patzig
Yoo Jin Lee, Dr.
Deploying a high-performance head gradient: challenges and rewards Klaas P. Prüssmann, Prof. Dr.
Franciszek Hennel, Dr.
Eric Michael
Closing remarks Skope
Focus Rooms 
Focus Round 1
  • Image reconstruction with complementary information
  • Effectively using strong gradients
  • Structural imaging for neuroscience
  • Advanced sequence development
  • Getting started with a cam
Focus Round 2
  • fMRI for neuroscience
  • Challenges above and beyond 7T
  • Taming a one-of-a-kind MR system
  • Sequence development / Pulseq strategy room
Focus Round 3
  • Chemical modification of consciousness – Grab a drink!

For further questions contact info [at] skopeusermeeting [dot] swiss.

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